You shall command


Listen to and read this week’s Bible study below:

Listen/ Read- Pentateuch:    Exodus 27:20-30:10

Listen/ Read- Prophets:  1 Samuel 15:1-34

Listen/ Read- Gospels:  Mathew 22, John 13

Listen/ Read- Letters:  Ephesians 6

Chapter 6 Printout

Listen/ Read- Letters:  Hebrews 7

Chapter 7 Printout

Listen/ Read- Revelation:  Revelation 19

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Bible Study Outline:

        • Exodus 27:20 | The Oil for the Lamp
        • Exodus 28:1 | Vestments for the Priesthood
        • Exodus 28:6 | The Ephod
        • Exodus 28:15 | The Breastplate
        • Exodus 28:31 | Other Priestly Vestments
        • Exodus 29:1 | The Ordination of the Priests
        • Exodus 29:38 | The Daily Offerings
        • Exodus 30:1 | The Altar of Incense
        • Eze 43 | The Altar and Future Offspring of Zadok
      • GOSPELS
        • Mathew 22 | Wedding Garments Parable & Pharisees Test Jesus/ Yeshua
        • John 13 | Jesus/ Yeshua Modeling Servanthood
      • LETTERS
        • Ephesians 6 | Orderly Relationships and the Garments of a Spiritual Soldier
        • Hebrews 7 | Return to the Priesthood of Zedek/ Zadok (Righteousness)
        • Revelation 19 | Wedding of the Lamb, Fine Linen Garments of the Bride

This week is the twentieth reading from the Bible-in-a-year study. Tetzaveh (תצוה) means “You shall command,” as in the first verse of the reading, which says, “You shall [command] the sons of Israel, that they bring you clear oil of beaten olives for the light, to make a lamp burn continually” (Exodus 27:20). The study continues to narrate the instructions for the construction of the Tabernacle, focusing particularly on the priesthood that was to serve in that sanctuary. The Israelites are commanded to make special garments for Aaron and his sons to wear while ministering as priests. After describing the priestly garments, the study continues with instructions for the ritual inauguration of Aaron and his sons into the priesthood. And concludes with the garments of the new priesthood as the Bride of Messiah.


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Hidden Aleph-Tav’s

In the Hebrew Scriptures there are hidden aleph-tav’s (alpa-omega equivalents). Special attention should be given to where the את is placed any time Aaron is putting on or taking off his priestly את garments. These garments are set-apart and represent את Y’shua (Jesus) the Messiah clothed as our High Priest. Starting in Ex 28:1 we see the את in front of Aaron’s name in regard to him ministering in the office of priest before יהוה Father. Again, notice in Ex 29:5 when the את garments are placed upon Aaron for the first time, there is an את in front of his name, which reads…And you will take את the garments and put them upon את Aaron את the coat, ואת robe of the ephod, ואת the ephod, ואתthe breastplate. Also in Ex 40:13 and Lev 8:3 the את is in front of Aaron’s name in regard to the priestly garments again. We see the את in front of Aaron’s name again when he is taking off his priestly את garments just before he dies to transfer the את garments to Eleazar his son in Numbers 20:26-28. In fact in Ex 28:3 it is actually the את garments that consecrate Aaron so that he can minister to יהוה Father and in Ex 28:30 by wearing the את garments and the placement of the את Urim and Thummim under the breastplate, the high priest actually bears the judgment of את Children of Israel before יהוה Father continually. The position of high priest is a direct reflection of את Y’shua our Messiah after the Order of Melchisedic according to the Book of Hebrews 5:6. In this weekly study take notice where the את is placed in regard to the connection with covenant objects and furnishings used in the את Tabernacle for worship including את garments, את blood, את oil, and the את ephod, etc.

Psalms in a Week

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Thursday- 90-106

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